SWT Bulk Fertilizer Warehouse

First look at the Interior

We’ve shown you the outside of the gigantic bulk fertilizer shed at SWT. Today we go inside to see progress.

Cranes and Bins on a Sunny Day

The Cranes were back at SWT as more bins arrived. From the back of the truck to warehouse they went.

Crane Day

It was Crane day at SWT’s Antelope Location near Gull Lake .  Much progress has been made at SWT’s Bulk Fertilizer Warehouse in the past few months.  Today, the 600 ft long structure required a crane for the next phase of the build. The spouting was connected with the legs.


SWT Bulk Fertilizer Warehouse Flythrough

It’s big. At 47,000 Metric Tonnes and the size of two football fields, this gargantuan structure just east of Gull Lake captures the attention of drivers along Highway 1.


SWT Bulk Fertilizer Warehouse Aerial Shots

It’s not often you have a December Day with very little wind and no elements to deal with, so we got some shots of the SWT Bulk Fertilizer Warehouse. People who have never seen if often don’t believe it is two football fields in size. We hope these shots prove that! 🙂

A Prairie Titan Under Construction

. In May of 2014 Silverline Construction began work on a Bulk Fertilizer Warehouse at SWT. At 47,000 metric tonnes and dimensions of 150 feet by 660 feet this warehouse will have a footprint the size of two football fields. Click the images below for a closer look at this behemoth!