Prioritizing Safety: Celebrating Our Office Manager’s Dedication

In any workplace, safety stands as the cornerstone of a healthy, productive environment. At Silverline Construction, it’s not just a motto but a core value ingrained in our culture. We are thrilled to announce that our office manager, Bobbi Dawn, has received an honorable mention for her unwavering dedication to ensuring safety within our workplace.

In a world where safety concerns continue to evolve, our office manager has exemplified an exceptional commitment to maintaining a secure and risk-free environment for all employees. From implementing safety protocols to ensuring regular training sessions and audits, her efforts have significantly contributed to upholding our company’s safety standards.

Safety is not just a set of rules to follow, but a mindset to embrace. Bobbi Dawn’s tireless work in education, guiding, and fostering a safety-conscious workplace has been truly commendable. Her dedication has inspired us all to prioritize safety in every task and decision we make.

Moreover, this recognition is a testament to the collective effort and commitment of the entire team towards ensuring a safe and secure workplace. It’s a reminder that every individual plays a vital role in upholding our safety standards.

As we celebrate this achievement, let it serve as a reminder of the importance of safety in our daily operations. It’s a reaffirmation that our commitment to prioritizing safety remains unwavering.

Congratulations to our dedicated office manager for this well-deserved recognition. Her passion and commitment to safety continue to inspire us and remind us that in our workplace, safety truly comes first.

May 24, 2022

WOW! 2 years since my last update! Lets see…besides COVID, we have had weddings, babies, new employees come, and old employees leave. Ups and downs, but as always, we have persevered!

It has been a challenge to get the photos I need to show you the work we have done, but please look at the few new I have been able to update!

Our current work includes Pattison Agriculture in Humboldt, SK, just finishing up out at Melvin Farms, some renovations out at Emerald Park for the Pattison Agriculture Offices there, and a shop just over on Alexander drive for Mr. Jerry Biese.

The pictures I have of each job are posted, just click the links above and see how we are doing. I will update them more as the pictures come in!

Silverline Construction and the Coronavirus

Construction has been deemed an “Allowable Business Service”!  As such, Silverline Construction is still going strong…

Government of Saskatchewan Release…/25/allowable-business-services

This is all great, BUT we have still implemented a few changes….

Social distancing – We are scheduling fewer people on sites at one time. We are very happy with everyone’s co-operation during this time while we figure out schedules and try to have as few people as possible on site while staying on track for completion dates.

Hygiene – MOST important of all.

Wash your hands
Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
Cover your mouth and nose when coughing/sneezing

Wipe down tools and equipment (Water and bleach mixture in a spray bottle if Lysol wipes are unavailable)
For more information, please go to…

Mental Health
Take a break from it all. Take a breath.
Take time AWAY from social media, news and discussions in regards to the virus. There are so many stressors out there that everyone needs to just take a breath and relax a bit before jumping right back into it all again. DON’T WORRY! It’ll all be there in an hour, and probably still tomorrow.

Isolation is hard on the psyche. People tend to get into their heads when left alone. This causes depression, anxiety and loss of morale. When you find you are slipping into the negative, stop and think of a positive. When talking to other employees, or Contractors, say things like Good Job, and Thank you very much! These small niceties alone tend to lift spirits. If things get more severe, use the resources available in your area such as telephone or internet counselling services.

Stay ACTIVE. Do exercises, go for walks, clean your house, do SOMETHING

Social distancing does not mean you cannot communicate! Call a friend, face time people, skype! Remember, just because you are by yourself, does NOT mean you are alone!

We are trying SO HARD to stay on top of all of the new information out there and are posting it on Facebook as soon as we are able.

From Us to You:  Stay safe and healthy!