SWT Wymark Crop Inputs Facility

April 20th 2016

SWT Wymark had their grand opening BBQ. We were happy to assist in the process and show you the most recent shots of their new facility just off highway 4.


February 25th and 26th 2016

The aerial photos of the the progression of the crop inputs facility as of February 25th. The next day, on the 26th, you can see window installation taking place on what will be a very aesthetically pleasing exterior. The front area is expected to be complete in the next month, with the chemical shed fully operating by mid may.


January 12th 2016.

The crane got a workout as several 12,000 pound concrete slabs were installed at SWT’s future crop input facility near Wymark.

November 9th 2015

The fog cleared for us to get a look at drilling activity at the future sight of the SWT Crop Inputs Centre at Wymark.


October 14th 2015  work officially began on SWT’s new crop inputs facility near Wymark. Earth moving equipment prepped the site. We look forward to showing you the changes as they happen!