Crutch’s Plumbing and Heating

When Crutch’s Plumbing and Heating started up a few short years ago, we knew it was only a matter of time before they outgrew their old location off the North Service Road.  We were happy to build them a new, more spacious and functional, place on Alexander Street (just down the street from Black Bridge Brewery.)


Inside of Black Bridge Brewery

It’s pretty cool to say we built a brewery. Black Bridge Brewery, found in the industrial section of Swift Current on the South East corner of the city, has been brewing great things. Scroll down on our home page to see some pictures of the exterior that were taken earlier this week. Here is what the place looks like on the inside. A classy and rustic room for tasting in the front, and the wonderment of a brewery in the back.

Moving Day at JayDee AgTech

Almost 2 years ago the design process of the new JayDee Agtech facility began. In the last 14 months building construction has taken place west of town along highway one.  Today was moving day as the staff at JayDee Agtech set up shop in their new 82,270 Square foot structure.

Silverline Construction wishes Duane Smith and the team at JayDee Agtech continued success in their new place!

Black Bridge Brewery

After a busy week on the job, there are few things better than a nice cold one. We were happy to provide Black Bridge Brewery with their new home in Swift Current’s Industrial area. Have a look at some outside shots of the place…we’ll take you inside soon.

The New Kruse Glass

In 2015 Kruse Glass and Aluminum will have a new home. They won’t have to move far, we’ve been building their new place right across the street from their current location on North Railway Street in Swift Current.

Jaydee Agtech, The Interior

In our lat post we had some shots and a flyover of the exterior of JayDee Agtech’s new facility. The interior is coming together nicely! Have a look at the future home of Jaydee Agtech; the offices, the inner infrastructure of the building, the shops and everything that will make up the 82,270 Square foot structure.

The Latest Look at JayDee Agtech.

Here is the latest look at The New Jaydee AgTech Facility! The new sign is up and the John Deere Green exterior catches your eye from Highway 1. It’s 82,770 square feet just west of Swift Current . Of the 82,770 square feet of total floor area, there will be 44,750 square feet of Parts and Offices and 37,120 square feet of shop area.  Click the images for hi res look from the ground and air!

New JayDee AgTech Facility



Perhaps you have seen this 82,770 square foot structure just west of Swift Current along Highway #1.  This Silverline Project is the future home of JayDee Agtech. Of the 82,770 square feet of total floor area, there will be 44,750 square feet of Parts and Offices and 37,120 square feet of shop area. Check out the exterior next time you drive past it west of the city and check out the interior below.  It was an honour to meet Mr. Jim Pattison and give him a tour of the facility. Click the images below for a hi-res look at the construction in progress!